Silent Trio has three current releases, a studio album, a live album, and a brand new three song set! Listen to them below, or visit our BandCamp page to purchase.

Self-Titled - New set!

Get it now at Bandcamp! Track Listing:

  1. Napoleon - a joyful song set in a post-apocalyptic hell-hole with harmonized lead guitar, female backup singers, rocking rhythm guitar, rappy vocals, a brass band, tambourine, glockenspiel and a trumpet fanfare in less than 3 minutes.
  2. Reckoning - a kind of alt-bluegrassy sort of indie song.
  3. All in a Day's Work - a romping Primus-esque ditty about a creepy old spider


Old Songs

We have priced our individual tracks at $0.70 apiece, so give us your damn money, you bastard.


Our debut album, written and recorded by Nathan and Jim before the kids joined the band. Beta is $3, or $4.50 and we mail you a CD. Favorites are Crab, No End Game, and Una Vez Mas.

Live at Gasoline Alley

Silent Trio's first show with the kids, there's some really great material on here, and despite how disappointing life tends to be, it's only $2. Favorites are You, and bonus track (which you get when purchasing the whole album) Waterproof.