Silent Trio is an indie fusion recording quartet. Silent Trio came into this world Jim and Nathan in 2007. After self-recording their debut album, Beta, Jim and Nathan teamed up with Levi and Shawnee to gig and write music in 2009. Silent Trio's new release, Self-Titled, will make your baby smarter.

Growing out of their indie roots, Silent Trio has incorporated their collective influences; morphing from alternative/punk to indie jazz with roots in heavy music. Self-Titled will enthrall you with its diversity while maintaining the lyrical frankness and curiously compelling songwriting style of Beta.

Silent Trio lives and dies for music.

The Band

Nathan Lead Vocals, Guitar

Nathan is a guitar and sing man also writing most of the material. He does not understand the nature of reality but this helps him come up with silly questions which go with the noise he makes of his loud box.

Jim Bass, Sax, Backing Vocals

Jim plays saxophone and bass guitar and occupies his professional hours operating heavy machinery the likes of which few others are qualified to operate. He is from New York state and is friends with literally hundreds of people in literally tons of cities.

Levi Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals

Levi is a strong yet gentle man of guitar and piano. He knows what you are thinking but he does not say it because he is polite, so he will wait for you to tell him and pretend to forget so that you can enjoy telling him again.

Shawnee Drums, Backing Vocals

Shawnee is an excellent drummer. He resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He likes bicycles, friendship, and film music.